syngenx IS



Syngenx is a unique blend of

lightning processors,

networked data sources,

machine learning, and human

genius to attract and convert

in any industry FOR LESS.

Hello, I am syngenx!

Syngenx began as a group of technical digital marketers in search of better insights. After all, single-platform analytics are easy. That’s why any marketer’s first data questions include traffic and conversion from ads, web analytics, and email insights. But the consumer buying story, like most human behavior is more complicated, and maybe messier— still, it is predictable. The search for meaningful, real-life buyer attribution led our statisticians deep into profiling consumers and also wide into machine learning and big data. Ultimately, Syngenx was born to amass billions of data insights and produce actionable intelligence in the form of offline attribution, instant segmentation based on buying behavior, and more.

  • SEOs
  • Digital Marketers
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Human Consumers
  • Data Warehousers

Why we are lonely . . .

Yes. Data nerds are at home and comfortable in solitude. We parse and program into the wee hours of the night, eager to sift out new insights and shave fractions off of our response times as we fine-tune ROIs.

All the while, we secretly, silently yearn for human contact.

Alas, we are alone.

To date, Syngenx has no competition, no competitors. There are no companies who proffer our solitary services. Like the deep reaches of space, there are no trade shows for us renegades, no industry expos or watering holes for commiseration with colleagues— just a wide open market to pioneer.

[sigh] So, we voyage on… braving the dark, emboldened by our secluded victories, inventing shocking marketing intelligence. Won’t you keep us company?


"You had me when we identified my ideal audience. Whoa--Stop marketing to everyone and get right inside my perfect consumer's devices? Didn't know it could be done at this level but that's exactly what we've done and our marketing department WILL NEVER look back."

"I have never heard of this - nobody else is doing this. Yes, it's very exciting and to be honest, I didn't think you could do this."

"After the pixel was added to our website and TradeDesk campaign, by the end of the first week we reported a 4x increase in engagement compared to the control. We added an OTT channel and by the weekend, we landed a dream deal that we'd be pursuing through other channels for months."