information is


Artificial intelligence

automates audience building,

market segmenting,

and outreach for the predictive

intelligence to CONVERT.

the central intelligence to sell

Syngenx answers your question and automates your marketing funnel

Enterprise Data Solutions

Crowd Creator

 Self-populating CRM captures prospect audience automatically in real-time without the cumbersome “opt-in” process.


Real-time, instant caller identification with 3rd party data look-up for routing incoming calls, PLUS automatic MMS/SMS opt-in option.

Website visit data

Pixel-technology to score and segment website visitors for future multi-channel remarketing while protecting from Bot and fraud traffic.

Geo location collection

Fish for the ideal audience through geo-location strategies such as: competitor store visits or trade show attendance.

Profiler 360°+

Enhance each profile in your customer record with contact information, demographic insights, and predictive buying behavior data.


Tap reliable, private data sources to back-fill and complete custom prospect profiles: profile augmentation, email matching, and much more.

Big data & machine- learning

Glean more accurate insights by joining your customer data to larger, more complex 3rd party data sets who use machine learning that improves predictive output automatically through experience.


Thoroughly document every customer’s journey and complete your marketing funnel models accurately to improve conversion metrics by correctly syncing and attributing consumer “offline” conversions.

Profiler 360°+

Enhance each profile in your customer record with contact information, demographic insights, and predictive buying behavior data.


Engage ideal audiences with the right messages in the right channels at the right time AUTOMATICALLY for maximum impact.

segment The ideal customer

Target the highest-probability prospects for optimized ROI with targeting, re-targeting and look-alike campaigns.

omni-channel campaigns

Achieve consistent, timely, and synergistic communications through a fluid multi-channel repetition in text, display ads, email, outbound phone call, direct mail, and more.


Automated strategic, branded, customized outreach campaigns optimized for maximum conversion complete with if/then logic.



Data Points Per Record

Verified Emails


Match Rate

Less than 1 Second for Retrieval

Choose just one data product or

combine insights for universal synergy.

Lead Validation Identity Matching Data Matching Service 3rd Party Data Email Matching Services
Offline Attribution Email Appending Post Address Appending Reverse Appending Data Appending service
Email Validation Personalized Email Offerings Email Appending Persona Development Consumer Trend Reports
lead validation identity matching Data matching 3rd party data email matching services email validation personalized email offerings instant audience segmentation data verfication automates opt-ins microsegmentation persona development consumer trend reports email appending post address appending reverse appending data appending service offline attribution multi channel marketing retargeting website visitor identification mobile device matching profile building enriched 1st or 3rd party consumer data


Exercise Equipment Co. Instantly Scores Inbound Callers

Inbound call center receives 200+ sales inquiries for high-end home gym equipment every day. The phone system now receives instant caller ID data including credit temperature and “readiness to buy” score derived from online behavior. The call center matches call routing and call scripting to the prospect’s likelihood to need a payment plan today— before the phone is ever answered!

Curious what pixels, instant lead segmenting, and machine learning can do for your marketing development?




Marketing Intelligence as a Service (MIaaS)

Are you languishing under the avalanche of data you should be using to inform your marketing? More data isn’t the answer. Get timely and unique insights with Marketing Intelligence.

what is the data deluge?

The sheer volume of new data being created is overwhelming. Can you feel the oppressive weight of all the data you should be considering? The human mind no longer possesses the capacity to parse through the mass of information that’s surging around us. But machine learning, structured data, and big data have the resources to predictively interpret it all and hand us the intelligence we need.


Data is raw-form facts, figures, and statistics. In and of themselves, they are meaningless. Information is analyzed data. And business intelligence is interpreted output that drives simple decisions. It’s the difference between 0 and 100% coversion.

what is syngenx?

Syngenx is an Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) SaaS platform for enterprise business marketing. Syngenx is an effortless CRM that captures and builds an ideal marketing audience with predictive behavioral insights, custom appends each consumer profile, and executes outbound marketing campaigns.

"You had me when we identified my ideal audience. Whoa--Stop marketing to everyone and get right inside my perfect consumer's devices? Didn't know it could be done at this level but that's exactly what we've done and our marketing department WILL NEVER look back."

"I have never heard of this - nobody else is doing this. Yes, it's very exciting and to be honest, I didn't think you could do this."

"After the pixel was added to our website and TradeDesk campaign, by the end of the first week we reported a 4x increase in engagement compared to the control. We added an OTT channel and by the weekend, we landed a dream deal that we'd be pursuing through other channels for months."