The Central Intelligence to Sell

Syngenx layers 12 unique data sources, so businesses understand their existing and potential client population demographics and can start making better informed decisions on how to communicate to them.

Why Do Marketing Campaigns Fail?

Because marketers forget, ignore, or don’t know who their customers are . . .

  • Statistics show 25% of users don’t give their real first and last name, 45% include incorrect postal codes, 17% write incorrect addresses, and 13% provide incorrect phone numbers.
  • On average, 10% of email addresses are incorrect because they include errors, fake domains, and false data, including fake names.
  • It’s difficult to get customers to opt-in, text, or sign up, and for sales people to gather the necessary data, resulting in a obsolete database.

Why Big Data is Better?

Many businesses work on gathering a lot of information, but don’t think about whether it’s accurate or how it might be used.

But accumulating big data isn’t about the amount of information you gather, but what you do with it.

Data analysis finds answers that help your business:

  • cut costs,
  • save time
  • develop new products
  • make intelligent decision based on real data

Combine big data with effective analytics to:

  • create coupons at the point of sale customized to the customer’s buying habits
  • re-determine risk portfolios quickly
  • discover fraudulent activity before it damages your business.

Who Are Our Clients?

  • Health Care
  • Call Centers
  • CRM companies
  • National Brands
  • Auto
  • Property management

So How Do You Build an Accurate Database of Customers That Drives Efficiency, Profitability, and Growth?

Syngenx pulls together the relevant information from all available sources and assesses what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what might occur next.

Propriety Sources

12 data companies pull data for 400 fields

All details populated in less than a second

6 billion emails

Over 98% MAID match rate

Over 50% phone number match rate

Real time API

Large databases built accurately and quickly

Data Matching Products and Pricing


Email, phone #s, text appending

AI Pixels

Geo-Location Data

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